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Bullets Fly at A CIT Heist In Pretoria, 2 Cash Vans Were Hit

Two cash vans attacked. One bombed. Silverton Pretoria. Cash stolen. One security officer injured.

The unknown number of suspects apparently planed to hit the cash van in the middle of the day today but apparently they planned to hit two cash vans at the same time and this has been done before, but now the perpetrators of crimes are seemingly getting very brave in these criminal activities.

They go with the mentality of “all or nothing” and they want to score very big and it seems like this time around they managed to get away with the crime or cash so to speak, the perpetrators of crimes came in separate high-speed vehicles and then they started shooting the cash loans in order to in order to get the security guards to give up the van.

They proceeded to set up the explosives around the vehicle and blew them open while some of the accomplices were standing guard and keeping a small distance in order to get into a gunfight with the police if they had arrived at the scene, the suspects planned this heist very well and they wanted it carried out successfully.

The suspects were very well organised in this incident as they did everything diligently, they used enough explosives to blow the cash van open so that they can retrieve the money and they fled in an unknown direction.

The police are encouraging members of the public who might have information that would lead to the arrest of the suspects, to come forward and give out that information so that they can be brought to Justice.

This incident is really disturbing to members of the public because when cash-in-transit heists happen there are usually casualties and security guards get attacked and sometimes they get killed, so this is very bad because they would be leaving their homes thinking that they are going to work not knowing that they wouldn’t come back.

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