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Jail Time For A Woman Who Beaten, Strangled And Left Her Child In The Bush

Mbalenhle Nozipho Mkhize left her baby at Umlazi V section. Mbalenhle allegedly beat and strangled her child and left it alone in the bush. She later came back to leave milk at the same spot where she left the baby.

Some members of the community found the baby and they shared the news on Facebook. When Mbalenhle saw the child being posted on Facebook, she replied by saying if somebody wants her she is in Morningside.

She was taken by the police when she was found and she is behind bars. The baby is alive and her face is healing very well.

The citizens had a lot to say about this shocking incident and some thinking the woman had postpartum depression which is a type of depression that happens after a woman gives birth.

This is what some of them had to say:

1. "Postpartum Depression is also real with my Sister in law she had it within a month of giving birth and she didn't want the child or anyone from Her Moms family she only wanted me and my Brother of she didn't get help from the Hospital it would have been bad as she hated the child".

2. "Now days in this country taking responsibility and accountability is substituted with I have mental issues blah blah...long b4 there was a child she knew there's prevention means for free ko clinic n that there are morning after excuse here".

3. "A serious rehabilitation programme is needed".

4. "This is why we should share with younger ladies how traumatic becoming a mother can be. It changes you. I feel sorry for her. She's obviously dealing with some issues".

Story Update:

There are reports that she is out already due to being underage but this hasn't been verified yet.


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