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After seeing these pictures you will stop buying food from Indian shops in South Africa. Sadly.

Lerato M on her twitter account shared that left a lot of people with questions, as they wondered what is really going on here. She captioned her post “Dikip kip tsabo my friend”.Screenshot cred: Twitter.

People are not aware of the food that they buy from shops, packed in shops, and go through a lot. What this food goes through, you will be reluctant to buy and eat. It is devastating to see how food is handled in this manner. People have chances of getting sick after consuming this food. ImageScreenshot cred: Twitter.

People should be reminded that there is a reason why some doors at shops and companies have written “staff only”, this is where such incidents take place. Things that if people see, they will never set a foot in those shops to buy their products. This is uncalled for, as people’s health are at risk.ImageScreenshot cred: Twitter.

It is sad and disappointing for the shop owners, to hire people who are not willing to practice good hygiene. People are different, some are going to get ill for consuming such food. It is irking and this needs to be rectified. ImageScreenshot cred: Twitter.

It is not clear if the equipment they use to package this type of food is sterilized or disinfected, to ensure that microorganisms that are likely to cause possible infection when consumed, are destroyed immediately. Surely many shops do the same thing and it might not be the Indians shops only. ImageScreenshot cred: Twitter.

These people have opened many shops in South Africa. They have a relationship with the South Africans. Many of them are appreciated, because they help those who cannot afford to buy, and buy on credit. Their products are cheaper, and this is the reason why people often buy at their shops. Screenshot cred: Twitter.

What they do behind closed doors is amazing and shocking. If you scrutinize these pictures, you will never believe this. People who pack food are barefooted, and the food that they are packing is on the floor and not covered with anything. Screenshot cred: Twitter.

Their feet are not clean. They stamp on these foods with their feet that they used to walk around with. This is revolting and something needs to be done. There are a lot of things that can happen, if they continue to operate this way. 

Screenshot cred: Twitter.

There are particles that they collect on the floor with their feet and they stay on top of the food that they are packaging. This is intentional and it is something that has been done all along and it needs to cease. 

Screenshot cred: Twitter.

People might get allergic reactions after eating this food, because of pollen and other particles that will be found inside the packaged food. Some people are sensitive and they might need medical attention after consuming this type of food. 

Screenshot cred: Twitter.

Thus, it is imperative that people always check the hygiene of shops they visit and buy products from. This is concerning. People on twitter poured out their opinions in the comment section, as they wanted to understand what is really going on here. 

Screenshot cred: Twitter.

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