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Meet The 9 Years Old Boy That Can't Stop Biting And Hurting Himself

There is something unusual about Holden, a young child identified only as Holden, since he has an unique illness that drives him to damage himself. Holden, a Canadian, has a condition known as Lesch Nyhan syndrome. As a result of his illness, he is driven to self-harm via biting and self-injury. It's a neurological illness that makes people injure themselves since they can't regulate their muscles.

Until a few months after his birth, no one realized Holden had a medical issue. Even though he was 3 months old and behaved like a newborn, he eventually became unable to sit or talk correctly, which is when his illness was discovered.

Cerebral paralysis is a similar illness, except the sufferer will inflict self-harm on themselves. To inflict further pain, the sufferer would self-injure by biting or inflicting other injuries. It's difficult to ignore their brain's constant nudge to inflict pain on oneself.

It is the father's responsibility to safeguard his son from danger, and Devin takes that responsibility extremely seriously. He needs to wear hand gloves and arm braces to prevent himself from eating his elbows. If the youngster is left alone, he will begin biting himself.

The unfortunate part is that the child is aware of his suffering; he feels agony whenever he bites himself, yet he is powerless to stop. Only when he becomes exhausted or someone intervenes, will he cease biting himself, as his brain commands him to.

To achieve a variety of activities, the youngster requires assistance from a variety of people. His relatives must bathe and dress him, and he is confined to a wheelchair due to his inability to walk. In addition to walking, he has difficulty with bodily tasks such as holding on to items.

Despite the fact that Holden suffers from this extremely unusual disease, he is adored by his family and friends. In fact, his father had to make toys for him so that he could play properly with other children. The father is doing everything he can to make things as simple as possible for the youngster.

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