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Do you remember the lady who killed 6 of her household members? Mzansi notices something wrong.

Rosemary Ndlovu was in preliminary hearing for the second time. Rosemary is charged with murdering six members of her household, notably her lover, in exchange for insurance payout. Rosemary has amassed millions of dollars in compensation by utilizing the names of the bereaved. She has claimed that she is completely blameless and that she may have done nothing wrong. Mzansi has observed that Rosemary usually has a fresh hairstyles on when she is on stage. She changes her appearance every occasion she goes to court. Isn't she in jail awaiting her trial? And where does she always get these different hair styles from, or are there now saloons in incarceration? to do with relatives and friends' deaths.

Mzansi has discovered that she's been wearing the same outfit every week since her court hearing. It's incredible that she would adjust her haircuts but not her outfit. "Perhaps her sangoma advised her to wear this garment each day when," one individual speculated. We're not sure how she never replaces her clothes when she goes to court.

Rosemary appeared unconcerned in court. How can someone who is suspected of murdering six people and faces the possibility of life in jail be so unconcerned? She's not also exhibiting any regret, or perhaps she's just that frigid. It's no surprise she has time to switch her hairstyle; numerous people would be scurrying around like a decapitated chick if they were in her position, but Rosemary is so serene and doesn't seem to mind. We hope Rosemary is jailed for her actions and that justice has been done.


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