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Remember this cow which gave birth to five calves at once, See how big they have grown today (Pics)


A post was shared of a cow which surprised it's owner by giving birth to give calves. In the morning it is alleged that the farmer was waken up by his dogs. Alerting him of something the dogs have never seen before. His shepherd dogs took him straight to the cow where it gave birth.

The farmer was surprised that the cow which looked sick, from having a big belly caused by pregnancy. Suddenly have birth to five calfs in a day, the post was surprisingly shared on the internet. Today all the calves are grown up even though everyone was not expecting such.

Moral behind the story of this story, is that when time arrives everything turns into gold. The cow looked sick to it's owner but the day it gave birth it surprised the dogs. People might look down in you thinking you have no purpose all because you have no strength today. But the day God answers even your enemies will come forward to cherish your success. Be like this cow never give up, the time is almost there.

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