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In Sh0ck| A man brutally beats up a women in a taxi

- All he'll breaks loose as man brutally beats up a women on a taxi without any care.

- Over the years women live in fear of being killed by there own husband, or any other man who wants to violate them. To this matter many thing that women are the only victims or such behaviour.

- There many ways a man couldn't bring himself to just hurt his wife, Without anything that happened between them. Many people are dying for unknown reasons at all. Recently a Forex trader was murdered for taking someone else's wife.

A video of a man brutally beating up a women has surfaced on the internet, After a man and a women who caught fighting. The man seemed to have gotten provoked to a point were he had to stood up for himself and strike back.

The passengers didn't try to stop the man from beating the young lady except the women who was sitting next to her. The women who was getting a beating seemed to have provked the man as seem that not a lot of people tried to help her.


After the video was surfaced on the internet many were left in shock and disbelief, that such brutallity is happening Infront of Other people. Many of the didn't stand with the man as they said he was being brutal to the young lady.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on this? Do you think women are being taken advantage of? Do you think it was right got the man to do that to a women? Drop a comment, like, share, and follow for more articles.

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