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Road Accident

RIP| Third Accident Death in a Row, These Car Crash Are Not Normal Something is Fishy

Sadly that is how most of politicians in the ANC dies especially before and around elections if it's not that accident it is an organized hit, may his soul rest in peace. All politicians are just dying left right and center and weird is that all are dying through road accidents. So all the mayors will die by accident just like that one after the other all provinces, we are doomed I am not laughing but this is the 3rd Mayor who died in a short period of time, in a car accident, Im sure someone somewhere knows something about these accidents, because the dying by accident of Mayors got something to do with something trust me, which I don't know. But they might be poisoning each other from their meetings for positions, then when driving home you die and I get a position type of thing. Shooting it might be an old fashion to these guys nowadays. But God is good, do you still remember around this time last year, the ANC prepared one million graves for us

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