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She wanted to kill me for money:Joyce Ndlovu

The alleged murder case of the former constable Rosemary Ndlovu is still ongoing, Lidokuhle Xulu the news reporter took a trip to Bushbuckridge where the former constable 's sister stays with her children. It was reported that she had plotted to set alite her sister's house with her and 5 kids inside that specific night. Rosemary allegedly took a drive to Bushbuckridge in mpumalanga for 5 hours to show the hitman her sister's house, her conversation was caught on camera where she was telling the hitman to either "strangle them or burn them". Because if he shoots or stabs them it will be obvias that this was all planned. The petrol attendant who sold her petrol was also questioned regarding that night,he then responded by saying that Rosemary Ndlovu mentioned that she was going to use the petrol for her generator at home. Joyce also mentioned that her sister Rosemary called her asking about her relationship with her neighbors and asking that should anything happen will they help her. Not knowing what she was upto Joyce responded to her, only to find that she was planning to kill her What a sad story, this woman is dangerous and must be kept far from society, she must get a life sentence and the keys to her cell must be fed to crocodiles, because no one is safe around her. She's also linked to the killing of her own child just for money. This woman's love for money is out of this world. I wonder what it is that she used the money for, it clearly did not benefit her hence she wanted more. Rosemary will need a serious attention after this whole trial. She needs to undergo counseling and speak to someone. She must have had a serious financial crisis to have done all this things even though that shouldn't be an excuse to cut anyone's life short. Insurers must also do spot check in every claim lodged, there is no way that Rosemary was paid for all this claims eventhough they are all unnatural deaths. There is no way that every claim one client submits all people dies misterious deaths. Rosemary is a headless woman who does not even care about anyone but money. Her love for money now put her to temptation. She's now faced with 6 murder charges. Lidokuhle Xulu visited Joyce along with her sister Rosemary , who is one of the victims, Joyce is Rosemary's younger sister who was next in the killings along with her fivd children. Joyce told the reporters that she gave her 5 children's birth certificates along with her ID to her sister who said she was going to get a funeral cover for them, she was comfortable doing that and also grateful that she has a caring sister. Now things took a different direction when she "PLOTTED "to kill her with her 5 kids in Just one night. Joyce told the reporters that she won't be able to live in peace for as long as her sister is still out there.

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