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Road Accident

Heartbreaking Accident at Night killing 3 children. Look at what was spotted on the scene. PICS

Three youngsters were killed and a lady was critically injured after their car crashed down the Boland's Bainskloof Pass. Jandre Bakker, a spokeswoman for the Western Cape Department of Public Works and Transport, says the 60-year-old driver passed through multiple control posts on the route, which is now closed to public traffic due to roadwork.

At the final one, she reportedly plowed through with such force that she drove through the boom: "The rapid response of the on-duty points men resulted in the suspension of all other traffic in order to avert a head-on collision when the car failed to arrive at the fourth point." A patrol car was dispatched and discovered the vehicle had left the route and tumbled down the pass's side. Two children were ejected and died in the incident; a third kid remained in the vehicle but also died; the lady driver was brought to the hospital with significant injuries."No photo description available.

It is heartbreaking to see young children losing their lives in an unnatural way. These car accidents are increasing, and it is sickening, since we are heading to the festive season. More deaths are going to be reported, caused by reckless driving, and driving under the influence of alcohol. South Africans can also note that driving at night is not as safe as driving during the day, because vision is halted, and depending on lights only is not sufficient enough to see your surroundings. May be an image of outdoors

An old lady was the one who was driving, and she is going to live with trauma and guilt for being responsible for the deaths of these young children. Old people should be driven, since their bodies get tired easily, and their vision is not clear at night. 

Looking at these pictures, paramedics and breakdown arrived on the scene to help as usual. They tried pulling the vehicle up the cliff, so that it could be safely returned to the safe space, in order to help those who were trapped inside the car. People need to be extra cautious when travelling, especially since it is a rainy season, the roads are wet and not 100% safe for speeding cars.

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Jandre Bakker Western Cape Department of Public Works


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