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Watch : Armed Robbers Are Using This New Tactic To Do House Robberies


[WATCH]Local security teams are encouraging the North Beach residents to be extra cautious when exiting their apartment gates.

This CCTV footage taken from a block of flats on Sol Harris Cresent shows criminals attempting to tailgate and enter the property, this is a common robbery tactic that is being used by perpetrators of crimes to wait for you while you get out of your premises and that is why motorists have to ensure that they do not completely move out of their driveways or exits before ensuring that their gates are completely locked because criminals can easily access it.

Tailgating is one of the most widespread security breaches affecting residents and businesses today and it often goes undetected, however it has already been mentioned as to how you can avoid it.

But in other members of the public always falling victim to the criminality that is happening in the country, and this is due to the fact that many people let their guards down and allow crime to happen to them.

Tailgating can be simply described as the passage of unauthorised personnel, either forced or accidental, from an uninvited guest. The suspects are clearly very much aware that what they’re doing is wrong and the security guard seems to be unaware of their intentions and the nature of their ways, most of the time ordinary members of the public are very susceptible to crime because it would be happening right in front of them and they wouldn't notice until it is too late.

We urge residents to check that gates are properly closed before they drive off. In this instance, thankfully the men were intercepted on time.

Residents of the community are encouraged to be very careful in the wake of this attempted robbery that was going to take place at the premises, fortunately enough there was a security guard or what seems to be an occupant of the house.

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