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'I'm So Heart Broken' Lady Cries Out After This Happened To The Pastor (More Details)


Zelophehad's little girl took it to Twitter to lament for an old minister who was supposedly shot a few times at the carport.

As per Zelophehand's little girl, the minister got a call and he was educated to meet with somebody at the carport. At the point when he shows up at the carport he was purportedly shot a few times to death by obscure hooligans.

Mind you this occurred in light and nobody saw anything. Cops are as yet bustling examining this case and beg each and every individual who knows whatever might prompt the capture of these hoodlums to approach.

It is pity to declare that the minister left 3 months old child who actually needs his help and care. Zelophehand's little girl was extremely miserable for hearing this news, she could hold them and she chose to vent so she could be feeling better.

Nonetheless, this caused individuals to understand that we are undependable in this country. This comes after a minister was shot in sunlight in broad daylight and nobody knows anything.

Our nation has transformed into one awful reality where individuals wound up dead consistently and nobody does anything. Individuals are frightened to affirm on the grounds that they dread for their lives. These days we never again have observers on the grounds that the vast majority of them our administration neglects to safeguard them and they wound up dead.

What might be an answer for this large number of issues in our country? Kindly leave us with your ideas underneath.


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