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17 Year Old Enyobeni Tavern Survivor Speaks On What Happened (Watch)

17 Year Old Enyobeni Tavern Survivor Speaks On What Happened

It saw what really happen to the 22 kids who recently passed away. One of survival at Enyobeni Tarven has finally came out t speak about what really happened in that night. It's heartbreaking that the tarven was fully packed and only few manged to escape the death.

17 year old Enyobeni Tavern survivor speaks about the tragedy. She said that the tarven was full with more than 200 people inside. Both underground and first floor was full of people that there was no space to pass. The girl heard about the bash on social media and she decided to go there too. She said that two of her friends did not make it at that night as people started to collapse.

What happen that night is that when the kids wanted to go out there was also people who also wanted to come in, which makes it impossible for people to make it to the exist. The girl during the interview, said that there was bouncers who blocked the way of exist and next thing they heard was teargas.

It seems like a case of crowd control went wrong as many people wanted to come inside while those who where inside forced their way out. Probably bouncers never had to control that amount of patrons before.

People are wondering whether the drinks were free and what was inside those drinks that they were drinking. It's sad that they all passed away very painfully. Last week a video was trending a mother dragging her child from the groove and people felt sorry for the "child" because it was"wrong" to drag her like that. These teenagers needed mothers like that who will drag them from the groove by force.

Thr girl has been given a second chance to live but this will haunt her all her life.. I'm sure when she closes her eyes trying to sleep she can see herself and others screaming for help and noise tipping her ears off.

What is your thoughts, watch this video and tell us what do you think. 

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