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A man posted his picture online, but people noticed something on his golf t-shirt, see here

 (Source: - @shiluvankuna)

Wearing designer clothes or big brands has given many people something to be joyful about in their lives. The moment people swipe that undisclosed amount at stores during their shopping sprees, they get to reward themselves with the things that they love. Many people put in countless hours at work so that they enjoy the finer things in life. One way or the other, people will spend their money, and it’s entirely up to them what they buy. Ideally, you should spend your money on something that you cannot afford and this will stop you from putting yourself in unnecessary debt. At the end of the day, it’s your money and you can do whatever you want with it.

Now, ever wondered what happens to people that want to live a certain expensive lifestyle, but cannot afford it? That’s where the implementation of the ‘fake it until you make it’ rule comes in for many individuals. This isn’t something that you should dwell on in your life. Remember that in life you have to work to get to a certain position whereby you swipe your card without looking at the price whenever you doing a purchase. A Twitter user has shared pictures of a man wearing a white golf t-shirt that’s meant to be Fabiani. However, he bought a plain white golf t-shirt at Mr. Price that cost R99.99. And then decided to make it look like a Fabiani version of it. On top of that, he tweaked the price by adding 19 to make it R1999.99. “Make your own happiness,” said Nancy (@shiluvankuna) on Twitter.

The tweeps took to the comment section to laugh at this gentleman as they felt that he shouldn’t let peer pressure get to him next time. As he ended up wearing the fake Fabiani, instead of working towards getting the original one, and stop wasting his time.

*Lerato Sole (@Princess_Sole) said, “Itali. Wow, I love him for this.”

*Thabo Dipale (@DipaleThabo) said, “Peer pressure.”

*Pablo Barluzar (@RaymondSathekge) said, “I’m defeated.”

*Myth (@iamblackmyth2) said, “Dead.”

*IG: God’s Plan (@phil_tseisi) said, “Leadership.”

*Sbonda (@Othemba7) said, “This is not a country to live in strue.”

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Date: 08/11/2021

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