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People are looking for this man from Tembisa who ran away with R1 400 after they gave him as a loan


This person is needed by a young lady called Nthaby Maboka she is crying saying this man has fled with her cash. Nthaby helps individuals who need a credit by giving them cash and that pay her later. Yet, this man acquired cash from her after that he chose to hinder her. Unfortunately the woman needed more data about him since he never ran over individuals who flee with her cash. She posted on Facebook requesting that individuals assist her with searching for this man. She realizes that he is from Tembisa however which side with Tembisa she doesn't have the foggiest idea. 

Well individuals on Facebook support her and shared her story. Since nobody has the right to be looted, she gave him the cash with affection through the bank. She didn't accept a single thing from him as the predatory lenders do. Yet at the same time, man discovered a chance to take from her. Individuals like this woman assist poor with peopling who need cash before month-end. Here and there families need earnest cash to accomplish something or take somebody to the emergency clinic. These individuals like this woman assist individuals with loving that however at that point some simply need to trick them. 

The people who realize him said he generally does this. He generally removes individuals' cash and runs, he checks if you are new to the business. From that point forward, he will acquire cash from you and return home. A great deal of UL understudies know him they said he did this there as well. So he went to Tembisa and misled this young lady after he returned to where he comes from. He realizes it's wont to be simple for him to be found despite the fact that they do he can deny everything on the grounds that there isn't sufficient verification. 

One more person remarked on the remark and said this man did inbox him. The person said he likewise acquires individuals' cash however he has agreements. This man messaged him on Facebook and said he needs to acquire cash however after he had the conditions he flees. The person was protected on the grounds that he realizes individuals like this kid they would prefer not to follow the conditions they have. So this woman was the second individual he inboxed just to discover that this young lady will trust him and gave him 1400. 

Individuals are constantly enlightened to be cautious regarding the organizations they do. Remark beneath in the event that you may know this man. Offer this article with your companions so they can be found.

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Nthaby Tembisa


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