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Premier Reveals 3 Countries where the Foreign Miners are Coming From as they are Expanding in SA

The police tactical-response team, the AmaBherete will be deployed in KAGISO today to combat illegal mining operations in the area. On several days ago, one person was killed when violence erupted in KAGISO as community members raided the mining places where the foreign nationals where mining illegally.

The community members once again called for the rehabilitation of the most mines and for community policing forums to be given sufficient resources to fight crime within the boundaries of the law.

One community member speaking said; "We are saying, we understand that the matter that we dealing with right now is a very big matter. We understand that there are environment specialist that needs to be there, but today as the community we have compiled these files that has all the documents that has been required by the DMR and it was not an easy journey to acquire this file because of informer official of DMR, Sunday Mabaso, was taking us from pillar to post, and today he is the same person consulting for this company wanting to come and mine in the West Rand. What are the people of West Rand doing? We are here and we are ready to do it ourselves."

According to the eNCA news report, Gauteng Premier, David Makura, says the illegal foreign miners are expanding illegal mining operations in the province by the day. He said the visible force of the state is urgently needed to put an end to illegal mining in the Gauteng province. The Premier didn't hide his words and said most of the illegal foreign miners operating on the West and East of Gauteng where illegal foreign nationals from neighboring countries. He said all illegal foreign miners, known as the Zama Zama's where extremely violent and are expanding their criminal operations across the Gauteng province.

"There are 3 countries. 3 countries in the SADAC, which where the illegal foreign miners are coming from, 3 countries. So the police, this is information that is not a secret, there are those who come from Lesotho and there are wanted in Lesotho, and there are those who come from Zimbabwe, and there are those who come from Mozambique. These are 3 countries."

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Source: eNCA News

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