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OPINION| President Cyril Ramaphosa raised concerns about underage drinking

President Cyril Ramaphosa has raised concerns about the normalisation of underage drinking in the country after 21 youngsters died at the Enyobeni tavern in Scenery Park, East London. I think the society also needs to have a conversation about the normalisation of corrupt government and sole supplier officials while the people are not looked after correctly, there will be drinking and drugs while there is corruption, the people will not be looked after the government and corruption cause laodshedding which is putting this country's economy backward even moreWe can try as parents but not easy as their rights are over than we have as parents you slap your own child ten to twenty minutes police van is waiting for you, South Africa needs to have a talk about alcohol abuse, drug abuse across all social, economic classes we are literally destroying lives via accidents, heated disagreements while under the influence, fueling violent crimes to support addictions etc we need more sober minded adults setting good moral guidance. Society is waiting for politicians to provide a new agenda for now they are discussing what is provided which is blaming everything except themselves, discussions exclude absence of fathers as part of the problem children face because such theme is not endorsed by politicians. Anyway this President is always shocked about everything in the country I'm sure he will be shocked to see people living in poverty and others living in shacks, mostly others who cannot afford food and normal essentialsMr President when you took away parents rights by changing the laws you brought this on our youth children now tell parents, not the other way around, if a child is upset they run to the police to lay a charge, when teachers set them right, they abuse them why it is because you allow it with your laws mr President so do not be shocked or upset, give us our rights back as parents

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