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Thi$ Caused A Stir The Same People Complaining About Go-Slows/ Food In Spaza Shops Are Stealing It

There was a complaint regarding Go-slows and buying stuff from shops which are owned by Pakistanis.

Some people are talking about videos which they’ve seen where Pakistanis were manufacturing Grandpas, Coca cola and other prominent products.

A lot of people started sharing their experiences whereas someone bought a grandpa and the headache did not go away, it also tasted somehow.

Another thing, these people change expiry dates on expired products, when you buy then try to return the goods they tell you to check the expiry date they do not refund.

That should be stopped because it is harmful to people’s well beings, it may not affect some now but in the long term. 

This caused a huge stir, to some people it was quite ironic that community members are complaining about the food sold by Pakistanis yet they loot. So when they stealing it, are they not affected? This makes them seem dishonest.

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