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A Man Used A Snake To Murder His Wife Because He Was Tired Of Her Learning Disabilities

An Indian man has been jailed for murdering his wife using a snake. This man and woman meta match making service.

He tried to murder his wife twice but the first attempt was unsuccessful full stop on both occasions the man purchased a snake and forced the fans of the sneak into the wives skin.

In the first attempt the wife was taken to hospital and she survived she was later taken to her family's home for recovery. In the second attempt the husband purchased a snake which he took to the family's home and did the same thing. This time the wife passed on.

What led to the court believing that the man was guilty is that in the previous year the man's family had claimed more drowry from the female family because of her learning disability.

The whole incident was very unfortunate. On both incidents the man used to sedate him to get his wife drowsy and on the second incident she purchased a cobra.

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