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Sad: This Beautiful House Is About To Be Demolished, Here’s The Reason Why

There is a heartbreaking story of a beautiful house that is about to be demolished by the landowner because the people who bought it didn’t buy it from the rightful owner. The redistribution of land in South Africa is still one of the ongoing issues, no matter how hard the EFF is trying to balance it. The May people may have received their land back from the whites, but the problem is that they are fighting each other over that land.

Will South Africans ever be able to manage land and use it effectively without fighting over it? There is a story of people who bought land and built mansions on it only to find that the land wasn’t bought from the rightful owner, and now the rightful owner wants all those houses to be demolished. It seems like there was a battle between the person who sold the land and the rightful owner, and now the case has been resolved so that the rightful owner can do whatever he wants on his land.

People are being warned that next time they buy land, they must first make sure that the person who is selling it to them has the certified ownership of the land, because many people are buying land and investing in it only to find that it was wrongfully sold. What's worse, they can't be compensated for the buildings that are being demolished. It is just a total loss. This is one of the reasons why I say, although black people can get the land back, they will never be able to do anything successful on it.

In my opinion, the owner of this house must sue the person who sold the land to him because now he is losing the money he used to buy the land and also the money he used to build this house. Even the law must be reasonable and hold the seller accountable. Another thing that the owner of the house can do is to negotiate with the owner of land so that he can pay him and take the land rather than demolish this beautiful and expensive house.


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