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'This Is How You Can Find Your Stolen & Recovered Cars That Are Probably At Police Impound

NSS was informed of a vehicle that was hijacked in Hammarsdale,the tracking unit indicated the vehicle was heading to KwaXimba in the Upperhighway area but the tracking unit stopped giving updates.

This can happen if the suspects locate the unit and destroy it. Members of NSS armed response and the Tactical Tram entered the area where is was suspected to be in and started searching hot spots and back roads, 15 minutes later the hijacked vehicle was recovered.

The suspects must have seen the team coming and had fled before NSS arrived, there was some severe damage to the inside of the vehicle where is was being stripped to find any tracking devices.

Please can we appeal that you open cases at the SAPS when you have had property stolen or a breakin, most of the time people stolen goods recovered but people never go and make those claims at the South African police services because they also want even know that they are goods were recovered by the police that is a very unfortunate and tedious process that fails at the end.

Because if you go to the police and impound lot you find so many stolen cars that are never recovered or claimed by the Citizens of this country, there is no due diligence that is conducted by the police in order to find the people who were victimized and give them back their vehicles.

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