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Sh0cking Death Toll Resulting From Unrest Keeps Increasing, See How Many Have Lost Their live Now



The Unrest.

It is always painful to hear that people have lost their lives especially because of something which could have been avoided if people stayed at their homes and refused to take part in something that has left the country in a very unpleasant situation.

Our people seem not to care about the consequences of their actions and what will happen after the unrest, all they cared about is destroying the very same businesses which helped so many South Africans put bread on the table.

It's just unfortunate that from all the looting that took place, so many people lost their lives. KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng was turned upside down by people believing that Jacob Zuma wasn't suppose to be arrested.

According to them, the former president was suppose to be home, warm and comfortable surrounded by his wives and kids instead of being in prison like a criminal. The day he was arrested people saw an opportunity to destroy and loot leaving so many people unemployed.

In situations like this obviously people are going to lose their lives and it has now being reported that the death toll resulting from unrest in the country this past week now stands at 337, with 79 in Gauteng Province and 258 in the KwaZulu-Natal Province.

With the numbers being this high, one would wonder if the damage caused by these people was worth it because the things they stole from various stores are now being taken back by law enforcement.

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