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Police officers in Fish Hoek, WC, assaulting a man, after this happened

Police officers in Fish Hoek, WC, assaulting a man. He apparently called the South African Police Service to assist in reporting a man missing.

They cut the video when the person was saying"and then I said....".whatever they omitted from that video is what caused the police to beat him up!

Back in my car lick days we used to call cops and report an active fake crime, when they show we tie them up and take their firearms. Those cops have a right to be suspicious and treat that man in the manner they did... You cannot trust anyone these days

being a cop is not easy, you don't just arrest a everyone with some sweet exchanges, most people resist arrest and fight for that matter, what should cops do? Here I see cops try to subdue a man resisting arrest by fighting cops.

They assaulted me and my uncle last year, we went to the head station commander and he tried to justify his workers actions against us, this happened in Samora Cape Town, the @SAPoliceService are the biggest criminal organization, they don't protect us instead assault us.

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