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JMPD Warns Citizens Against Directing Traffic During Load Shedding

The people of South Africa are very kinds so much so that it is sometimes detrimental to them, now due to the load shedding that everyone is experiencing some people are stepping out of their vehicles to direct traffic because they feel like it is the right thing to do.

But it seems like the government is definitely against that, seven the JMPD has warned against it because they can see that the people are putting their own lives in danger so they are better off in their own cars crashing into one another.

It seems like that is what is being implied here because if there are no traffic lights working that is compounding the stressed of many motorists that they would even take out their frustrations on each other or simply crash into one another and that is a big problem that has to be fixed.

The Johannesburg Metro Police Department is warning citizens to refrain from directing traffic during power cuts and another reason they could be saying this is because it may be illegal for them to do so, but can't we put the rules to the side for the greater good when need be.

This is similar to a disaster for the nation because power is something that is accessible to everyone and for us not to have it is a serious infringement on the rights of the citizens, businesses are being put out of business because of this.

There needs to be more done in order to change this problem that we are facing as a nation and unfortunately they will not act fast enough to deal with them, on the other hand the ordinary members of our society are stuck without lights and have to get by like that.

This is completely concerning to many members of the public who have to live without power on a daily basis having the power go on and off, it is frustrating.

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