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More Secrets Exposed On TI And Tiny

As we are still following the case of TI and Tiny. More women have come forward revealing that they have been drugged, assaulted and raped by TI and one of his friends. One of the women also reveled that she has been sex trafficked to different states, namely Florida and Nevada.

Due to these serious allegations. TI has been removed from Ant Man 3,the movie. Imagine losing everything you have worked hard for! Well the couple has made their bed,and they must definitely lie on it.

There is nothing more frustrating that being abused. Abused by powerful people. You are afraid to open up because you think that no one will believe you. The good news is people will believe you,if you stick to the truth and stand up for yourself. There will be those who will not buy your story,but just be yourself and understand that there are two types of people in this world. Those who will believe you and those who will not. But remember that you have support.

Thank you,I hope that the couple get what they deserve.

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