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Road Accident

Eldo Coaches Bus Is Exposed For Driving Fast On The Road After Horrific Accident

The video footage shows an incident where roads is traveling at a very high speed on the highway and this is alleged to be a bus that is filled up to capacity with passengers who are traveling inter provincially, the members of the public as well as the motorists especially truck drivers on the road were very concerned about this bus’s speed.

It was traveling at more than 150km/hr we found out that it is the same company has been involved in an accident that killed a lot of people and this is exactly why people are wondering if this is a result of the speeding which has been seen on the roads.

A very interesting incident regarding the Eldo Coaches accident today, an elderly lady boarded the bus and her daughter called to ask has she boarded on safely And she allegedly said that the bus was overloaded with people and no COVID-19 protocols were being followed, so they were breaking the rules along with the company management in order to save the company from serious financial problems.

The problems that they have financially because of the COVID-19 protocols which have forced them to fill up their buses with less than actual capacity, and those had led to a lot of loss of business throughout the months and most of these businesses are funded on bank loans which do not compromise on their monthly instalments.

Most people who travel in these buses complain of feeling unsafe because of the speed with which these drivers are transporting the passengers, and these passengers are also concerned about the conditions of the bused, the reason why people do not opt for other buses is because Eldo Coaches is relatively cheap.

This company has a lot to answer for.

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