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Young mother carries her son in handbag and causes commotion on socials

Young mother carries her son in handbag and causes commotion on socials

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A lady is trending for carrying a baby in a handbag and supposedly buying alcohol with the baby's support money. Details of whether this is her baby or the baby's parent was the one taking the image, are still unclear. It is also still unclear whether this was done for a prolonged period of time or whether it was meant for the photoshoot since the posed lady has a birthday banner strapped around her!

On commenting on the matter, many people have crucified her for being an irresponsible parent who has spent all the baby's SASSA money on alcohol as there is a stash of alcohol at her feet. Others came to her rescue and questioned how people can give parenting advice on social media when they don't have the full details pertaining the image and if the alcohol was indeed bought by SASSA grant!

My question is how was it established that the alcohol was funded by SASSA because there is no SASSA card on sight? It could have been that the image was taken for the fun of it but has now been blown out of proportion by people who have assigned themselves social media parents! It's okay to critique what we see on social media but to bash events we have no information around is both unfair and unnecessary!

Yall are quick to judge without knowing the full story. Its clearly her birthday. What if she and her friends contributed to celebrate her ? What makes you automatically assume its sassa money.i doubt this lady would buy that much alcohol to consume alone. Let people be @Thulani95409337

Clearly this was just a fun pic taken on her birthday @Afrikanwolf

It's bagging the child for me

Women and justifying "abuse" as long as it's not towards them

1. The baby in a bag pic is just harmless fun. We all play with our kids and do all kinds of crazy shit.

2. The alcohol could be a contri from friends that bought it for her bday. She probably didn't put in a cent @Noah_Hoodies

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