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Mbalula Becomes A Laughing Stock As He Takes Photos With White Man Who Calls Him A Fool.


Transport serve Fikile Mbalula turned into a fool via online media after he was uncovered for taking photographs with Rob Hersov, a white financial backer who considered him a "moronic and a simpleton" live on TV. 

Hersov tossed punches on Fikile Mbalula contending that the vehicle serve is certifiably not a savvy individual and that on the off chance that it had not been his association to the ANC, he wouldn't go anyplace else on the grounds that he is "idiotic." 

"At the point when you see pastors, bureau clergymen talking on TV, where it counts you're saying this is definitely not a shrewd individual. This is a moron. I will give you a model and this conflicts with my interest in an air terminal in South Africa. 

Fikile Mbalula, have you heard him talk on TV? The person isn't exceptionally shrewd. He is enchanting, he's amiable, yet you wouldn't employ him in a solitary business meet yet he is our pastor of transport. This is an imbecile," he said. 

Shockingly, after this shame Fikile Mbalula proceeded to call Rib Hersov to apologize and even take photographs with him. 

This drove social pundits to ridicule Fikile Mbalula for being an accommodating person particularly white individuals so much that even in the wake of being known as a blockhead on TV, he actually continued grinning in the wake of meeting vis-à-vis with the individual with offended him. 

ANC veteran, Carl Niehaus said it is terrible that Fikile Mbalula in the wake of being portrayed as a simpleton he actually kisses up to Rob Hersov. 

"In the wake of being known as an imbecile with the thinking limit about an eight to twelve year old by Rob Hersov, @MbalulaFikile actually kisses up to him. Eish, the guileful influence of white cash. Pitiable," said Carl Niehaus. 


Others said what Mbalula did is the dismal truth of most dark pioneers who keep on groveling to white individuals who affront them at each perfect time. 

"Mbalula isn't a bonehead, he knows where his bread is being buttered," some responded. 

"At the point when somebody feed you, I suppose you must choose between limited options. However, to grin in any event, when tears are going to tumble down you face," said a Twitter client.

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