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Watch: DA allegedly evicting poor people just after one day of being in charge


A video of people being evicted has been circulating as it has been alleged that its the DA that is evicting them. How can they just move people out like that? couldnt they approch and give them some time to pay the amounts due, if they fail to then move them out. These leaders they all good for nothing not even one political party is worth our votes. Imagine being kicked out by the very same people you put in power in no more than a month ago.

Problem with our people is they love gravy train, they are very irresponsible when comes to managing their finances, but come weekend they buy expensive alcohol drinks. They must pay and be responsible citizens. So why vote for DA if it doesn't respect us. Give people Notice! Guys a simple notice! Instead of violation of human rights.You see what will happen if we vote out ANC? People are retrenched, unemployed due to covod 19 so people continue to vote for a government that doesn't respect our people.

Some people are saying that Red Ants are hired by the owner of the building this is not new it happen all over the time and the court gave the order so the owner approach the police for assistance. I'm sure these people were given the time to move out but they refuse.

"These are court orders granted under the ANC government. It takes a bit of time for a court order to be granted. Apparently this court order was granted on the 2nd of October. There's no way the DA can do such within a space of a day or two in governance. Yet we may witness the same under DA," said one if the social media users.

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