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Zimbabwean Suspect Forgot his Passport at Victim's House after Armed Robbery Operation.

Criminals in South Africa are making significant efforts to turn our nation into a safe haven for criminal organizations and networks. Due to the fact that this security issue is of the utmost significance, it is imperative that everyone pay attention to it now. Since quite some time ago, residents all around the nation have voiced their concerns on the prevalence of criminal behavior. Because of the actions of criminals in this manner, a great number of individuals have been killed, and an even greater number have had possessions stolen from them. 

In the meantime, the authorities in South Africa were successful in apprehending a Zimbabwean man suspected of carrying out an armed robbery there. The man had left his passport at the home of the person he intended to rob. 

In this particular incident, the suspect entered a home in Seshego, which is located in the Zone 1 extension, and stole a plasma television before leaving his Zimbabwean passport with the victims. The authorities were able to find his RDP dwelling thanks to the information contained in his passport, and they ultimately arrested him there. When the police arrived at his residence, they discovered a weapon as well as five other plasma televisions, all of which were ultimately confirmed to have been stolen from various individuals. The person in question was taken into prison so that additional inquiries into the matter might be carried out. 

The following information was shared by Divine Patriot on their Twitter account: 

"Despite the fact that your CIC Julius Malema organized a demonstration as part of his efforts to find work. The plasmas that Zimbo had stolen were found in the stolen RDP that he was driving in his hometown of Seshego, which is located in zone 1 extension. However, due to the fact that he advocates for open borders, the community at large is not yet prepared to discuss the matter ".


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