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Video: Watch Man Beats Up A Woman After An Arguement In A Taxi

People don't always see eye to eye, they are bound to see things from.different perspectives, when they come to a disagreement, sometimes fights seems to be the only solution the people think off, but it is always a good thing for a person to pick someone his/her own size when getting into a fight, but this guy just felt it is time to beat up a woman infront of everyone in the taxi.

A video shared On Twitter shows a woman who was in a confrontation with a man who was seating on a seat which is Infront of hers getting a beating of her life, she would never get into an arguement with a man her entire life judging by the way in which she was beaten.

On the Video, the angry man turned around from his seat and was captured brutally assaulting a woman mercilessly, he punched her over and over agajn while the other woman who was seating next to her was trying to ask the man to stop, but she was told to stay out of it and she did because she feared to be beaten up too.

"Where do you know me from? Where. Do you know me from? Do you know me? Driver, driver, I will kill this woman, I will kill this thing," he said while pressing the woman down again the seat after punching her several times on the face," the man said.

The fight went on for some time and when the man finally let her go, she never wanted to go, she wanted to beat the man up as well, she Jumped onto him and he beat her up again, he was angrier than before this time around.

"You are a coward, a man who Beats Up women, you are a useless man," the woman said after she managed to break free.

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