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Meet Jesus Fajardo Manuel Aceves The Man With The Hairiest Body In The World (Photos)


This is the man who has the most hair on his body in the entire world. Jesus Fajardo, often known as the wolfman, was a Mexican bandit who lived in the 1800s. Chuy (pronounced Chewy) is a 33-year-old Mexican man who suffers from a condition known as hypertrichosis, also known as Wolfitis or Werewolf Syndrome. Chuy is nicknamed Chuy because of his appearance. Chuy was born and raised in the small Mexican town of Loreto, which is one of the only places on the planet where his ailment has ever been documented. Chuy's uncle Manuel, who was born in 1938, was the starting point. "He was the first member of the family to be diagnosed with the illness that we acquired from him," adds Chuy. Manuel went away three years ago, but there are another eighteen hairy relatives who have not yet passed away. Chuy's sister, Lilia, has the most hair of all of the women in the group. Interestingly, Larry's three male cousins, Larry, Danny, and Elliot, are all just as hirsute as he. Local prejudice prompted the family to hunt for work elsewhere, so when a national circus promoter offered to train them as performers, they leaped at the chance to learn more about their profession.

The Wolf People quickly rose to become one of Mexico's most popular acts, but there were larger things happening just across the border.

This goes against the years of effort he has put into maintaining his individuality.

It appears to have been worthwhile; following another trip to Aquascalientes, he appears to be on his way to securing a position at one of the major hotels.


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Chuy Jesus Fajardo Manuel Mexican Werewolf Syndrome


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