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Watch Residents Of Another Area In The West Rand, Setting Alight Houses Belonging To Illegal Miners

Illegal miners are still one of the trending topics in South Africa. This is because of what happened a few days ago in Krugersdorp to the young women who were violated by them. Because of this horrific incident that caught the eyes and the ears of almost the whole country, people who have been existing in the same communities with illegal miners have decided to finally take a stand to fight for their communities, and fight for their safety by going to the mines that these illegal miners occupy in the places where they live to chase them out of their communities, and to also get most of them arrested because they are also illegal foreigners who have entered the country illegally.

And from what was revealed about these illegal miners, it does not seem the issues that the residents of the communities that feel terrorized by them are an issue now because they have revealed many issues that have existed in the communities abroad because of these illegal miners, to a point where they started living in fear of even going outside during the day, even going to the shop. Many of the horrific incidents that occurred in these communities because of illegal miners have become so much an issue because even when residents decided to go report it to the police officials, nothing was done about it. In the past few days, residents of West Village as well as Kagiso decided to protest and eradicate illegal miners from their communities.

Other communities in the West Rand have decided to join in this protest of removing illegal miners. The residents of Mohlakeng, another place in the West Rand, protested today and they decided to take to the streets and also the homes they believe are occupied by illegal miners and set them alight. Residents of these communities believe they are doing this because they want to live in crime-free communities.

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