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#Dudula sends a very big MESSAGE to foreigners running Spaza in North _West SEE what there did

A South Africa patriot and member of #OperationDudula posted a viral Tweet of what #OperationDudula did to foreigners running Spaza Shops in North west. See what he said in his Twitter account @21_Be_positive“Thank you North west, Shut down all Spaza Shops!! Why should foreigners run Spaza shops here in South Africa. I Can't run Spaza Shops in foreign countries

Source and Link: @21_Be_Positive Twitter account.Operation Dudula members did a very crucial job to foreigners running Spaza Shop in North West most of them are Pakistanis selling fake cocoa cola and expired goods to South Africans. They also sell below quality and goods sold at high rate.

What there dodo to Spaza Shops owners is if there walk in and you sell Fake or adulterated good there will carry it and burn them so that why most Shops are left like this.

Dudula members said that search will be done on Spaza Shops owners in South Africa and if any of the foreigners sell fake there goods will be carried.

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