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SA attack Ramaphosa for saying "Being a Police Officer is the most Dangerous Jobs in SA" - SAFmNews

President Cyril Ramaphosa says while South Africans are frustrated by the high crime rate, it must be acknowledged that police are working hard to fight it. In his letter to the nation today, he says being a police officer is one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs in the country.

@CyrilRamaphosa kak. You appointed a minister of garden services to manage bee quota generals, and now they are failing. Your denial of what is obvious even makes us believe even more—you and the @MYANC is the biggest problem. Change police officers and bring back those who were dismissed for being whistleblowers, this crime will end,

We are left with those that are on the criminal's payrolls only, So what did Ramaphosa do to ease the burden on SAPS? Sent them to sovereign states to recover his stolen dollars from PhalaPhala. Criminals that @SAPoliceService are dealing with here in South Africa are similar armed to extremists in Mozambique, where @SANDF_ZA forces have been deployed as to fight off these extremists. @CyrilRamaphosa Prioritize South Africans, What about Security Guards who combat crimes whilst occurring before even the arrival of the Police Officers?

so, why then no salary increase for police officers if this is the case? Evil politicians. And populist statements on steroids. Tell him not to divert our already stretched resources to track his illegal US dollars in Namibia. Most police officers are corrupt. They contribute to the high level of crime. The sooner we admit and deal with that, the better. We don't want useless letters explaining our fear & pain due to crime. He has failed as president by all possible measure, he must resign, bloody sellout. As if having him as a president is not frustrating enough. Apartheid, ke illegal immigrants, ke rape,ke ruling party selling SAA,ke looting ,ke ANC osare o tshabela ka mo gotle Ramaphosa, Policing system is weak and now crime is uncontrollable. Thugs know they are not scared of police. Cele is useless and been in that position for too long.

What a pathetic excuse from a man with more bodyguards than constables, most police stations have. Take the VIP protection away and see how quickly law enforcement improves. Bheki Cele is out of his depth. Improve their working conditions, overhaul the promotion policy, compensate them better, support them, add more budget to that department, ANC is the reason of such crimes by allowing foreign aliens to come and add number of criminals in the country.


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