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People Said That I Married The Ugliest Man In The World And Laughed At Me (Video)

On the day when Cate and Geoffrey's wedding took place, several guests made fun of her, even though she was already married. This came about as a result of others questioning why she had decided to be married to a guy who they referred to as being unattractive. She stated that others laughed at her and made fun of her spouse when they were getting married, and this caused her to feel broken and heartbroken.

She said that the moment she laid eyes on her spouse for the first time, she knew he was the one for her. She like how he spoke to her and interacted with her. She couldn't contain her happiness when he asked her to marry him.

She went on to claim that her family and friends tried to dissuade her from marrying him, but she ignored their advice and went ahead and did it anyway. She said that on the day that they were married, people made fun of her and her husband, not realizing that their lives were about to be turned upside down.

People assumed that after they were married, she would abandon him; nevertheless, this did not turn out to be the case. She has been loyal to him and has even given birth to eight of his children. He became recognized due to the look on his face, and he then began singing.

She said that she can pay for her children's school fees and other necessities thanks to the income from her songs. However, even though the money is insufficient and they continue to live in an unofficial settlement, she is content with the fact that her family is still intact.

Cate claims that the individuals who made fun of her were always embarrassed by their actions, and some of them even apologized to her for their behavior. Her family has also made efforts to accept her spouse, even though some of them are still resistant to the idea and feel she might have picked a more suitable mate.

"Even to this day, there are certain members of my family who do not like my spouse," Cate stated.

In the meanwhile, Cate and her husband are savoring the results of their labor as they see their children develop into outstanding adults while also working hard to care for them financially.


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