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Husband and wife relationship

Mseleku Shows Off Wife No 5 But Mzansi Is Mad

Musa Mseleku Revealed something Deep That Left His Wife's Off Gut in #Uthandonesthembu 


Source: Hashtag #Uthandonesthembu Twitter page 

Source: Mzansi Magic Twitter page 

The polygamous and #Mnakwethu have Musa Mseleku actually left Mzansi deadened after he revealed dazzling news that left mzansi including his first life partner MaCele off stomach. Mseleku has finally uncovered to his first mate that he is seeing a woman behind his spouses backs and should marry her so she can become one of the wives. 

Hopeless part is that Musa need to take wifey number 5 from the Khumalo family. By and by we continue to contemplate whether uts not MaKhumalo's Sister since it's not at whatever point he initially said something like this that ne need to marry to MaKhumalo. We overall understand that MaKhumalo can't have messes with it's significantly possible that he might marry his sister so he can foster the family. 

Individuals who really recall Musa once uncovered in one scene, he cryed saying fortitude us not there. He revealed that it's amazingly hard to manage the entire family since it's difficulty to supervise them now you take number 5? We are passed on jumbled because of what happened is that what he really want in Soo various companion that isn't in the 1 women or rather in his 4 woman l. 

I think he truly needs freedom, would could it be that he isn't getting emphatically in all of the ladies he has up until this point, does he really want to guarantee every woman out there, he truly needs to notice himself to be first because undoubtedly there is something missing in his life. You don't make your own decisions/rules about yourself. He might give off an impression of being content before our eyes, yet behind close doorways he need to be poor. Nevertheless, it will end in tears. 

Examining someone with no heart, I have a baffled outlook on the women in his everyday presence since he is unfilled inside and nothing will anytime fulfill that space. I have a disappointed outlook on the vital life partner, I'm sure when she allowed him to take another spouse she thought potentially she definitely required two wives not this many. I review that she once referred to on a gathering that if she understood that she will be in a polygamous marriage she would have wouldn't get hitched to him.I could see the irritation in her heart yet I think she killed those opinions a really long time before. A woman can stay in marriage while she is no longer inlove with the man. 

The companions moreover play a game behind him. They are after his money. The reverence for cash mtase. ...I mean no ifs, ands or buts she knows ukuthi those by and large inside abekho bright and theres a ton occurring notwithstanding they all around said they would never welcome omunyumfazi, yet yena uGirlfriend uzifaka Shi! Kuledrama. Yah has impact

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