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Divorce Affair

"If a man cheats and I do not catch him then he is safe, but if I do, this will happen: Opinion

If a man cheats on me and I don't catch him then he is safe. But when he cheats and I catch him, that will be the end of our marriage. I cannot cheat back. I am not ready for that competition because I am too decent for that. He cannot turn me into a cheater because it's against my faith, person and mental spirit. I was born not a cheater and I will never be a cheater. So if my husband decides to cheat the only option is to leave because it means I don't satisfy him.This is a very big topic between married couples. It is a topic of decades since marriage has been instituted. Nobody can say the question of cheating does not worry him or her. We have almost 80% of married couples being cheated on or cheating. It is either if a man does not cheat, the woman is cheating. We really need the help of God so that we may understand what marriage is so that we may understand what a relationship is people.

We need to understand what does it mean to be loyal to your partner. There are a lot of good things that comes with faithfulness. We have got broken families today because of unfaithfulness. We have got others that got killed due to affairs that involve infidelity. So to save yourself from regretting or taking a decision when you are angry. It is better to leave someone who does not appreciate you, or does not get satisfied by just having you as a partner.

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