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Divorce Affair

A kid is blackmailing his mother because he found out that she was cheating on his father.

Do you think his mother will forgive him after this?

Son threatened to expose and report his mom to his father when he found out that his mother is cheating on his father with someone else, and he found out when his mom confuses the messages and sent him a wrong message.

The boy told his mom that she must at least give him R 500 cash and buy him a new smart phone of Samsung. But the mother was furious and and she said something that she was not supposed to say.

The marriage is at the stake here, if the boy tells his father about all of this of which he is having evidence which is WhatsApp screen shot that proves that indeed she have been cheating. This can lead to divorce because the husband can not stand for this.

It’s better for this woman to give her son whatsoever he wants than to risk with her future, because once the husband find out it’s over for her.

And the other thing is that what if the boy use this chats as a tool of blackmailing his mom every-time he is in need of something.

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