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Why will ladies leave their husbands to younger guys? See this one, she was found dead in her bed.

This Nurse who divorced her husband to marry a young boyfriend was discovered dead in her bed and her lover unconscious.

Wawira Nyaga, a 38-year-old woman who worked as a childcare center at Kithimu, was found dead Thursday afternoon in her house in the village of Kivaruka in Embu's West sub-county.

When her incoming calls were unanswered, the deceased was found dead. This led the neighbors to learn what was happening. On their way, they found a deceased boyfriend lying a few meters from his partner's house unconsciously. In addition to the unconscious boyfriend of 23 years old, a number of bottles of beer and an empty can were available.

It is said that the young man vomited and formed in his mouth. He reached his partner by telephone, but his efforts were still futile. They went in to the house, and that's when they found out that their door was locked from inside and that they saw her lying still in bed when they looked through the window.

Attempts to wake her up did not work, forcing her into the House, one of the crowd's medical experts confirmed she died even if her body hadn't been physically injured.

According to the neighbors, on 9 June 2021, around 3 pm was the last time the duo was seen together; a day before the scenario. They were seen going to the lady's bar.

It was also confirmed that the two were a year old, and the man had no known job, all that they knew was that he depended on her girlfriend to maintain.

Before joining Munene, the lady was married to a man they separated with a couple of years ago. The former couple resulted in a 10-year-old child. The death's body was taken to a morgue hospital at Embu Level 5 awaiting autopsy.

Meanwhile, in a local hospital, the man is being treated and released when he gets better, and he is now being treated as the main suspect in the death of the lady.

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Kivaruka Wawira Nyaga


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