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My Boyfriend Recieved This Notice From His Landlord, Should I Be Worried (read this)

Being in a long term relationships which started back at my high school days with my boyfriend up till now in our past high school days has been enjoyable certainly absolutely it has been one of the greatest matters that I can say have befell to me in life, However this does necessarily mean that we in no way never had our very own ups and downs in our trip together, We have had pretty a quantity of troubles which dishonest is now not one of.

But then there got here a time when he scored himself a job opportunity around Pretoria and that meant that he had to relocate from Soweto to Pretoria. Him relocating honestly had me wondering if he will be trustworthy to me even if we are a few kilometers aside from each other, according to what I have seen in many relationships and my own experience with my Ex boyfriend i dated before him was tha. Long distance relationships don't commonly work human beings get tempted and cheat.

So I decided to check if mine was once working or not, I one time jokingly asked for his new physical address after he has relocated and he gave me. After being given the address, I started out planning to go visit unannounced to see if I will catch him with every other lady or not. So I did go however to my shock observed no girl or any signal that a girl ought to have been visiting Only determined this be aware pasted on his window.Read the notice in the picture attached below.

If you were in my position, what would you do in this kind of situation? Would you confront him about it or letter him to be the one who will do the explaining of why was it posted straight to his window when it could have been attached anywhere in the yard.Please state some of your comments on this issue in the comments section below 

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