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5 Things Every Woman Want In Their Man

Most of the time we think it's hard to know what women want, but it's usually obvious that men aren't paying attention. You already have what a woman needs, you just need to be aware of and show her traits. In today's lesson, you'll learn some common women want from their man which most men constantly overlook.

1.Independence: Being independent means you can make decisions and stick to them. That means you don't need attention to feel relevant. Taking care of yourself is one side of being independent, it also means being able to be yourself. Every woman want their man to be independent and active in decision making.

2. Positivity: Women are sesitive and notice slight changes in attitude. Most women want a confident and positive man who can stay active despite life's challenges. Fear of the future is an exception among women. She wants you to put a smile on her face, even when it gets tough. A woman knows as a man that you have to be stronger.

3. Communication: The importance of communication in a relationship cannot be overstated. To communicate well, you need to learn to be a good listener. If you listen carefully, you will be able to communicate well.

4. Intelligence: When was the last time you read a book? How much you know is always shown when you make a point of view on a subject. Women don't want you to be boring. A woman wants her man to be smart and courageous enough to win arguments amidst his peers.

5. She wants you to have a great sense of humor: A woman wants a man to make her laugh. Don't take things too seriously. See the fun part of life. Learn to make them laugh.

6. Ambition: A woman will not like it if she is your main focus in life. She'll want you to pursue your goals. Most women like undivided attention, but a larger number of women wants to see you working hard to make your dreams come true. So don't calm down, start chasing your dreams.

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