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Mother and daughter fight over lover, what happened next is unbelievable

In the city of Bulawayo, woman and her mother are in a bitter war over something that has left the masses shocked. The two are accusing each other of snatching lovers and boyfriends from one another.

The situation between mother and daughter has deteriorated and gotten so bad that 26-year-old Samantha Sibanda has dragged her own mother, Gertrude Sibanda who is 52, to court over the issue.

Samantha took the old woman to court seeking a protection order against her. According to reports the mother runs a shebeen in Bulawayo’s Iminyela suburb.

Media reports have said that in her application, Samantha claimed that her mother is in the very bad habit of stealing her boyfriends. Samantha further alleged that the 52 year old Gertrude assaulted and insulted her when she confronted her mother over the issue. It's is so bad that mother and daughter are no longer on speaking terms.

In her application for a protection order, Samantha said, “I’m applying for a protection order against my mother Gertrude Sibanda. She always insults me in the presence of customers who would be at home drinking beer. I have tried to engage relatives to talk to her, but she does not refrain from her unbecoming behaviour.

As a family, we have lost respect and dignity in the community because I caught her cuddling my lover. After that, we fought. She (Gertrude) did not stop; she is in the habit of snatching my lovers and speaking ill of me to our customers.”

However, Gertrude denied all the allegations levelled against her by her daughter. She has Instead alleged that her daughter was the one who had snatched her lover.

She said, “Samantha is telling this honourable court lies. She is the one who snatched my lover and always shouts at me.”

After the court listened to the submissions from mother and daughter, presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted the pair a reciprocal order. The order compels both mother and daughter not to verbally, emotionally and physically abuse each other.

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