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Relationship where both partners are HIV positive

With the difficulties in HIV positive-negative relationships, positive-positive relationships could be easier. Even though at the time of writing there were few recorded cases of re-infection with drug-resistant HIV globally, many positive people used condoms with positive partners because they were cautious. Some were also concerned about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as syphilis and hepatitis C which were much more likely than HIV re-infection and used condoms so as not to pick up another sexually transmitted infection. Some said they were prepared to take the risk of not using condoms with other HIV positive partners for the additional pleasure or feeling of not using condoms.

A number of people (the black African individuals in particular) believed it was important to find partners who were also HIV positive because of the fear of infecting other people during sex, and the potential for prosecution in the UK for transmitting HIV to someone who was not infected.

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