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Friendship In A Relationship

From friendship to relationship 

Well You All Know When You're Friends Then You Decide To Switch To A Relationship, Sweet,Right? I Know. It's amazing Because You Know Almost Everything About Each Other And How You React To Situations So Its Really Easy Adapting From That Friendship Situation To Being In A Proper Relationship With Intimacy And Everything Else. So Mirranda And Mduduzi Started Off As Friends Since They Attend The Same Church ,Then Decided To Escalate From Friendship To Relationship ,They Were Friends But Crushing On Each Other So It Was Basically "Love At First Sight" Well They Started Being In A Relationship On The 16th Of June 2018 And They're Now A Mini Family,Blessed With Twins Of Cute Boys.

Mirranda Believes That The Relationship Is Healthy Because They're Both In Love And Respecting Each Other,Theres Communication Especially Since There Are Children Involved Or In The Picture. She Believes That There Should Be An Interaction And Reciprocation Between Them Because Now You Have To Give Back The Same Energy You're Recieving From Your Partner If Not Then Leave! 

As A Young Couple They Handle Their Arguments By Being Calm Until They Can Talk About What Pained Them Because Sometimes Talking Out Of Proportion Would Make One Say Things Theyll Regret Or Things That Will Stay On The Other One's Mind For Like The Longest Time Ever.

When They're Both Calm They Communicate About How They Can Work Things Out And Make Sure That The Same Argument Never Repeat Itself. And They Communicate About Everything.

Every Relationship Has Its Own Challenges So Mirranda's Challenge Is That She Is Always Beinh Reprimanded To Stay For A Period Of Three Months Before Seeing Mduduzi And Its Bad. Then As A Couple They Have A Challenge Now Of Not Spending Enough Time Together As Mirranda And Mduduzi Are Not In The Same Province Currently. Last Challenge Is Finacial Issues , But I Believe Itll Actually Be Okay. And All These Challenges Mentioned Above Are Fought Through Communication And Intimacy.

I Believe That Being In A Relationship With Your Friend Is One Blessing you Can Ever Receive In Life.

Big Up To The Young Couple Fighting Against All Odds To Be Happy

Content created and supplied by: ThanduyiseBeloved (via Opera News )

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