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3 Points Single Ladies Should Note On Domestic Violence In Marriage, Number 2 Can Get You Killed

Domestic violence is not a regional or ethnic issue when it comes to marriage, but rather an universal phenomena that jeopardizes the success of marriages that contain traces of it (unions). We cannot deny the incontrovertible fact that there are married women whose lives have been cut short because they married men who engage in domestic violence, no matter how tiny the number may be. Domestic violence does not usually begin in marriage; in some cases, signs of it may have occurred before to marriage, during dating relationships.

However, the purpose of this content is to educate single women on some important issues about domestic violence in marriage so that they can make the best option possible if they meet a violent man.

Take note of the following points:

1. Think twice about marrying any man who has been involved in domestic violence in your relationship. Men who are aggressive frequently leave evidence of domestic violence for you to notice. During disagreements, for example, most males who flog, punch, slap, strangle, or forcefully push their wives against the wall are prospective wife beaters. If you come across a man who exhibits those characteristics, don't rush to marry him because you might regret it later.

2. If a man beats you in your future marriage, leave and live. If you were unable to discover that the man you are married to is violent when courting, don't bear it in the expectation that he will change, because there is no assurance that he will. Your life is more valuable than his, even if you don't want to divorce him. You are free to leave your marital house and live elsewhere. You risk getting unlucky and dying if you do not leave.

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3. If you end up marrying a domestic violence man, make decisions that will benefit you first, before considering what others think. No of what status you hold in life, if your life is under danger in your future marriage, save your life before worrying about what others will think of your decision. People will always have something to say about the decisions you make in your marriage, so don't bear the unbearable or tolerate the intolerable.

Are you in agreement with me? If you answered yes, please share this article with any single lady you know.

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