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4 Reasons You Keep Attracting A Wrong Man, As A Lady

In life knowing the problems you are facing is not as important as understanding the root or the cause of the problems. 

There are quite older ladies out there who are usually attracting the wrong men but they fail to understand why it is so. 

The reasons as to why most women keep falling into the hands of wrong men despite all their efforts to avoid such are as follow: 

1. Living in the past

There are 2 major ways you can live in the past;

(i) Always referring to the past. 

As a lady, if you're the type who always refers to the past happenings between you and your exes, at any given mistakes in your current relationship, there's a tendency you won't be attracting any good man to yourself but the wrong ones. 

(ii) By repeating the same mistakes of the past. If you keep doing what you used to do, you will keep getting the same results you used to get. Have you ever thought of what has been making your last relationship fail? The way you talk or how you easily get angry at him? Do you still repeat those actions? You must know you won't be able to get any good man this way. Whoever you come across might only be a pretender.

2. Always in haste to conclude 

Most ladies, at the first appearance of a man, are quick to judge that he's the right man for them, all because he's a jovial fellow, a spendthrift or he's handsome. 

These can be part of what is required in a man but not what qualifies him as the right man for you. 

3. No definite plan of attraction

As a lady, you must have a clearer picture of the type of man you want before going into any relationship. 

Are you in need of a 2-pack type of man, a fair in complexion man, a tall man, or an honest man? Once you meet him, you will know whether you're in the right hand or not, if he already has what you're looking for. 

4. Being materialistic 

You cannot eat your cake and still be expecting to have it. Most ladies fall into this error of going after the man because he's well-to-do, and yet still expecting him to be the "God-fearing" type and "caring" individual that they wanted. 

Well, perhaps you may be lucky to have all those combinations, but it is not so common

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