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Husband and wife relationship

Man marries a friend of his wife using her savings

A man known as Albert Mhondoro was marrying a family friend named Ratidzo Nyamuchengwa. According to H-metro this incident happened in Zimbabwe, Sunningdale whereby Albert's wife (Marvelous Marufu) stormed into the lobola function.

Well it has been reported that Albert and Ratidzo are worksmates, working in a company which distribute beauty products. A distressed wife claims that her husband used part of her money to marry Ratidzo who was actually regarded as a family friend.

" i just want my money bk that's ll, these people here are accepting lobola for the third time from different men", shouted Marvelous the real wife at the ceremony. She said, quote " this is my husband paying lobola money with my money for this Judas woman".

She then also stated that she had a white wedding with Albert Mhondoro, hence she's struggling to understand how can he propose another woman. Basically it was reported that on March 19, 2018 they have upgraded their customery law union.

Then engaged themselves into monogamous civil marriage. "We have been friendly to her, she would even come here with kids and also went to some places together like Kariba". Marvelous added that Albert owed her US $2000, which he used it tob up for the customary marriage.

Marvelous said that during their 5th month on marriage, Ratidzo started buying presents for Albert. Since then, her marriage started to drop down. As for if they were still married, it was an illigal action taken by Albert as you can't marry someone while still married to someone else.

Right now they are still in an undergoing devorce, Albert says that he doesn't even care at all as he's free to do anything and be with whoever he wants. He claims that he moved out of the house in Westlea leaving Marvelous, but had brocken up with her for over a year prior.

And also that it is Marvelous's sister who actually owes Albert an amount of $4000 USD. It is reported that Marvelous sued Ratidzo for snatching her man knowingly and for the humiliation she also suffered. She sued her US $50 000.

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