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7 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Partner

When you are in a friendship, you should feel free to confess and discuss any issue or matter with your partner without fear of being judged. Indeed, having open and honest communication with your spouse only serves to strengthen the foundation of your friendship. However, asking certain questions, particularly those about your ex-lover, can have a negative impact on your friendship, making both of you uncomfortable.

Here are some questions you should reconsider asking your spouse or partner:

1. Are you certain you're telling me the whole truth?

2. Why are you the person who always takes the easy way out?

3. Why can't you unwind a little?

4. Am I superior to your forner-partner?

5. With whom did you share the happiest moment of your life?

6. Why do you always like things that I don't?

7. Are you certain you love me?

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