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Man Breaks up With His Girlfriend After He Found These WhatsappChats On Her Phone /Opinion


 Keeping secrets in relationships is never a good thing. No relationship can be based on lies and last forever. There is always a way to lie, and most of the time it does not end well.

 A man revealed that he broke up with him after discovering some very disturbing chat content on his phone. What he found was bigger than this. See whatsapp chat below.

 From the chat above, the lady is asking a friend to help her buy some medicines she needs.

 Obviously, his girlfriend has been taking ARV for some time and he has not notified his boyfriend. This may feel like some form of distrust, because if a person has this disease, they must tell their partner if they want to, so that the partner can protect themselves.

 The boyfriend's reaction to this situation was clearly not wrong. This lady's approach is simply wrong. From the moment she decides to take this man seriously, she should be open to it.

 In this case, if it were you, what would you do. How would you react when you discover that your partner has hidden such a big secret from you? Tell us in the comments section.

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